Jual CNC hand – held veins unit MPG 5V 12V 24V Electronic handwheel AP63

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PT.Harapan Utama Indonesia
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All-plastic shell, high dielectric strength, anti-oil seal design
have 1, 10, 100 magnification third gear, can achieve 4-11 axis ratio switch
used in CNC machine tools, printing machinery and other equipment NC


  • 5V 100P / R: This is 5V100 pulse generally applies Germany’s Siemens, France NUM, Taiwan Po-yuan, the new generation of Fanuc, Fagor, Spain, Italy SELCA, GSK GSK, sea Nanak HANUC etc. CNC system.
  • 12V, 25P / R: 12V25 pulse is generally mainly Mitsubishi systems.
  • 24V100PPR: 24V100 pulse, this is mainly equipped with PLC.
  • the hand wheel wiring, The handwheel wiring is point one to one connection, that has a corresponding wiring instructions for each line description.