Jual Sanwa DM508S

Spesification :


Function Range
500V Insulation Test DM 508S 0.5 to 1000MΩ
500V Insulation Test DM 5 to 2000MΩ
ac Voltage 0 to 600V
dc Voltage 0 to 60V
Battery life DM 508S 5.5 hours
Battery life DM 1008S 4 hours
DM 508S/DM 1008S Analogue Insulation Resistance Tester
Compact light weight easy to use insulation resistance testers. Inner magnetic field taut-band type meter gives a reliable stable needle indication. The Auto discharge function is also featured.
MΩ measuring switch allows one-shot and continuous measurements dc voltages up to 60V can be measured ac voltages up to 600V can be measured Handy neck strap for hands free operation IEC 1010-1 CATIII 600V JIS C 1302-1994