Jual Strainer Water Meter PONOT Dn 15-25mm

Spesification :

  1. Water temperature :  0.1℃~40℃ ( 0.1℃~90℃ for hot water meter)
  2. Water pressure   : ≤1.0Mpa
  3. Maximum permissible error
  4. In the lower zone from qmininclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%.
  5. In the upper zone from qtinclusive up to and including qs is ±2%:
  6. Hot water meter  ±3%.


    • Single-jet, dry
    • Measuring the total volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline.


  • dial, free rotating register, small in size and light in weight
  • Magnetic drive, Resistance to exterior magnet interference
  • keep the reading clear in a long term service.