Jual Water Meter Limbah PONOT LXXC-200 Size 8 inch

Spesification :

  1. Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance.
  2. Dry-dial, Magnetic drive.
  3. Large flow capacity, small pressure loss.
  4. Resist water hummer and pollution.
  5. Vacum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from condensation and keep the reading clear in a long term service.
  6. Selected high quality materials for steady and reliable characteristic.
  7. Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.
  8. Accuracy: R=50/80
  9. Size: DN50-300mm
  10. Cold / Hot water· Reed switch option
  11. Cast iron, Ductile iron, SS304,SS316 body can be choose.
  12. Working pressure: PN16/25
  13. Color can be change on body and cover.
  14. Never have mist, without any block when reading the counter.
  15. It make by special material, with good performance on anti-magnetism avoid, and more higher mechanical strength.
  16. Special appearance, more beautiful and with position to pulse.
  17. 7 digit wheel + 2 pointer on the counter, the maxi reading is 9,999,999m .
  18. Excellent sealed function, it can avoid condensation and mist, keep long time clear reading.
  19. It very suitable for moist and temperature difference big country and region.
  20. Suitable for all large caliber dry-dial water meter.