Jual flowmeter fill-Rite 901CL (4-Wheel Mechanical Meter, 1 in Meter)

Model: 901CL

The 901CL Mechanical flow meter has a large easy to read display, flow ports can be positioned vertically or horizontally, UL/cUL listed, handles fluid of any viscosity, rated for Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, mineral spirits, Stoddard solvents and heptane. Fill-Rite meters provide precision and durability in a cost-effective design. The 901CL meter is a 4 wheel mechanical meter designed for transfer pumps with a flow rate of 23 to 151 LPM. this meter has a 1 inlet and outlet.

Features & Benefits

  • +/- 2% accuracy
  • UL/cUL, CE listed
  • 23 – 151 LPM
  • 50 psi
  • 1 in. inlet, 1 in outlet
  • Large easy to read display
  • NPT threads
  • Replaces 901L
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