Jual Analytical balance AES-C/AEJ-CM

  • only AEJ-CM: Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature > 0,8 °C and time-controlled every 3 hours
  • Intuitive pipette calibration function to ensure data integrity and to minimise the risks in the daily work with your pipettes
    • Vmin: 10% of the volume
    • Va: Arithmetic mean
    • Es: Systematic error
    • Vmax: 100 of the volume
    • Sr: Standard deviation
  • Higher weighing speed by switching off the last digit
  • Modern all glass draft wind shield for optimal visibility of the weighing object
  • Dispensing mode: By pressing one key you can set all relevant parameters for this dispensing process
  • Alibi memory: Paperless archiving of up to 100,000 weighing results
  • Internal memory for up to 999 weighing results, 1000 items or recipe ingredients, 100 container weights, 100 users
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