Jual Bearing analyzer constant BA60

Conventional Vibration Meter simply fails to detect early bearing deterioration or lubrication condition. Vibration meter is good for detecting teh most common machinery faults such as imbalance, structural weakness, loose parts (vibration severity measurement). This is due to the fact that bearings transmit train of pulses at a higher frequency and the severity of the damage is indicated by the magnitude of the pulses expressed in decibel (dBN)



Absolute dB value : 20 ~ 100dBsv
Standard value dB : 0 ~ 60 dBN
Bearing speed (n) : 5 ~ 50000rpm
Bearing internal diameter (d) : 5 ~ 999.9mm
Temperature range : 0 ~ 50°C
Relative humidity : 30 ~ 80%RH
Memory : 70 sets of data
Power supply : 7.4V
Size/weight : 147x32x26mm / ±70g
Standard accessories : Carrying case, instruction manual, warranty card, certificate of product conformance
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