Jual Oil-less air compressor Swan Type DT series

These dental series of compressors are specially customade to meet the most purified standard of compressed air in dental and medical applications.

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Products Motor Power Working Pressure Working Pressure Working Pressure Working Pressure Capacity Capacity Capacity
KW HP psi kgf/cm2.G bar Mpa l/min m3/min cfm
DT-175-2C 1.5 2 100 7 7 0.7 200 0.2 7
DT-175-1C 0.75 1 100 7 7 0.7 100 0.1 4


Tank Tank Noise Outlet
Products Dimensio Weight Weight Capacity Capacity Level with Oil Free Pipe Size Tank Material
(L*W*H) mm kg lbs liter gal dB(A) Air Dryer inch
DT-175-2C 660*560*840 100 220 39 9 62 1/1/2002 Stainless Steel
DT-175-1C 500*540*840 83 183 23 5 60 Stainless Steel


The Optional dual-pump operation system can get rid of the inconvenience of installing another standby unit needed. Combined with air clearing system to supply high purity & dryness of oil free compressed air ; Equipped with high-quality stainless steel air tank to maintain and ensure clean air source; Easy to operate; no need of water drain; and friendly alarm system altogether efficiently promote medical quality.
Innovative design to get rid of the trouble of supplementing oil.
The compressor can operate by single, dual compressors, or with additional standby unit.The motor is equipped with protector to enable to execute long last operation.




 Well air-flow design — The cooling air treated by automatic regenerate Desiccant dryer &
precise filter to supply clean purified air.


The whole Unit including pipes, components, and the air tank are all with stainless steel material to ensure pure and clean air source.
 Equipped with high-quality and reliable control
components to guarantee smooth operation
and minimize the possibility of breakdown.
With high grade sound-absorbing,fire-resistant materials and shock  absorbing design to achieve the  requirements of quiet & low vibration operation.


Graphic Display of the control system, with LED to indicate the current running condition, and running hours record meter … etc, altogether to make maintenance much easier.
Humanized Design of control panel
Dual oil-free Air Pumps
Stainless Steel Air Tank
Desiccant Air dryer
High grade sound-absorbing material


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