Jual Torishima Pump HLV/HLAV Glandless(sealless)pump motor unit


The TORISHIMA HAV/HLAV is a glandless (sealless) pump motor unit for boiler circulating pump application with pump
and motor being integrated in a pressure-tight casing.
The glandless design (no shaft seal) makes this pump best suited for pumping of high temperature and
high pressure liquids without any leakage at all.
The pump is driven by Torishima made high performance three phase induction motor filled with water (wet motor).

Technical Data

Total Head up to 180m / 590ft
Capacity up to 6,000m³/h / 26,420USgpm
Temperature up to 420°C / 788°F
Pressure up to 32MPa / 4,640psi
Motor Rating up to 1,000kW
Voltage 400V to 11kV
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