Jual Selang/Hose Sunny Hose 4in – 6 bar

Sunny Hose (6 Bar)
Features :
– High-strength terylene yarn and qualified PVC synthetis materials
– Lightweight, good flexibility, bright colour, smooth laters
– Flat roll and easy for take back, convenient for moving and non limitation for length
– Capable for keeping the flexibility and elasticity under the low-temperature water
– Anti hi-pressure, corrosion resistant and egeing resistant
– Applied to the lines of the auxiliaries for agricultural tools againts the drought, project, mining, environment protection, industry and so on, which is the most ideal liquid-transfered hi pressured hose
– Applicable operation temperature 10° C ~ 60° C
Tecnical Data
Inner Diameter (inch) : 4″
Working Pressure : 6 bar
Weight : 1.55 Kg/m
Length : 100 m
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