Jual 125x1x22.23mm AS60 INOX BF CUT-OFF DISC

Keterangan :

Dronco Inox-BF Cutting Discs

High cutting speed, long service life, hardly any burring. For normal steel and stainless steel, suitable for sheet metal and thin-walled profiles.


Spesifikasi :

Property Value
Abrasive Material Aluminium Oxide
Additional Conformity oSa approved
Bond Type Resinoid with glass fiber reinforcement
Bore Diameter 22.2 mm
Brand Dronco
eCl@ss Code 21011305
For Use On Ferrous Metal; Non-Ferrous Metal; Stainless Steel
Grade Designation AS60T
Grain Size Medium
Hardness Very Hard
Max Speed 12200 rpm
Outside Diameter 125 mm
Overall Weight 0.028
Supplier Part No. 1121240
Thickness 1.0 mm
Type Type 41 – Flat
UNSPSC Code 31191506
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