Jual Alat Uji Asphal : Saybolt Viscosimeter

Specification :

For determining saybolt viscosity of petroleum products
at specified temperature between 21.1 and 98.8 C.
BI-151ViscosimeterStainless steel bath,
motor stirer, 220 V-AC, Thermostat control panel, 2tubes capacity 1 Set
BI-154Viscosimeter TubeBrass, seamless,
provided with tips and tip wrench 2 Pcs
BI-155Tube WrenchT-wrench1 Pc
BI-156PipetBrass with rubber bulb1 Pc
BI-157Thermometer SupportAlumunium plate2 Pcs
BI-158Flask60 ml capacity2 Pcs
BI-159FunnelBrass, 60oangle, complete with mesh 100 / mesh 2001 Pc
GE-644.1ThermometerASTM17 C, 19 to 27oC 2 Pcs
GE-644.2ThermometerASTM 18 C, 34 to 42oC2 Pc
GE-644.3ThermometerASTM 19 C, 49 to 57oC2 Pcs
GE-644.4ThermometerASTM 20 C, 57 to 65oC2 Pc
GE-644.5ThermometerASTM 21 C, 79 to 87oC2 Pcs
GE-644.6ThermometerASTM 22 C, 95 to 103oC2 Pc

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