Jual ALIA Smart Target Flowmeter ATF80 Series

ALIA Smart Target Flowmeter ATF80 Series

Download Katalog : atf80v1-2-0-a4-en


The Alia ATF80 Smart Target Flowmeters revolutionizes the target deflection method of measuring flow. The target displacement is precisely measured by capacitance sensors. The resultant signal is then digitally processed via surface-mount, industrial signal processing to Produce a 4-20mA output proportional to the volumetric flow rate.
Smart Target Flowmeter are suitable for low-velocity & high-temp. gas, steam flowrate. Re-ranging the meter is as simple as changing the target. There is no need to change the whole meter.
 Measure low velocity less than 0.1 m/s
 Measure high-temp., low-press. and low-velocity flare gas.
 4-20 mA output Hart communication
 Low Pressure drop
 The Max. temperature can be up to 450 ¡ãC
 Online calibration by Alia unique software
 Insertion Type or Hot-Tap Type available for large pipeline
Size: Local Display:
15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125,  4 lines LCD (with backlight)
150, 200, 250, 300¡­¡­6000(mm) 5 digit flowrate
Measuring Range: 8 digit Totalizer
Steam: 0.002 ~ 3400000  Ton/Hr Current Output:
Gas: 1 ~ 3280000  NM3/Hr 4-20 mA 2 wire 
Liquid:0.1 ~ 55800 M3/Hr Load
Material: Rohm=(Vdc-10)*50
Stainless Steel  304 / 316  Alarm Function:
Accuracy: High / Low Alarm
Wafer / Flange Type Turndown Ratio:
+/-0.75% of reading 15:1
Insertion Type Communication:
+/-1.6% of reading Hart signal (Compatible)
Repeatability: Data Storage:
+/-0.05%FS Operation parameters and totalizer
Multi Flow Range : figures are stored by EEPROM for more
1- 3 flow range than 10 years
Process Connection: Housing Material:
Flange / Wafer / Insertion Aluminum Alloy
Flanges Type: Cable Entry:
JIS 10K / JIS 20K / JIS 40K Standard :M20  Option:1/2″NPTF
ANSI 150# / ANSI 300# / ANSI 600# Power Supply:
PN 10 / PN 16 / PN25 / PN 40 10-32 VDC
Ambient Temperature: Power Effect:
-25 to +70 oC <=0.01% / V
Temperature Effect: Keyboard:
<=+/-1% per 50 oC 3 internal keys for programming
Max. Pressure: and display control
100 Bar Low Flow Cutoff:
Working Temperature: 0 to 20%
Flange / Wafer Damping:
-60 to 450 oC 0 to 32 seconds
Insertion Protection Class:
-60 to 450 oC IP 67
Hot Tap (Retractable) Explosion Proof, Exd IIC T6
-20 to 80 oC Intrinsically Safe, E ex ia IIC T4
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