Jual Counterfeit Detectors DORS 200 M1

World highest accuracy of counterfeit detection

The DORS 200 M1 is an automatic currency detector that is specifically designed and developed with unique detection technology that exclude mistakes in authenticity detection and guarantees secure counterfeit detection of any denomination of US Dollar banknotes, even at its speed of 75 banknotes per minute.


  • Input Tray

The DORS 200 M1 is simple. It only uses a single input tray for both feed of banknotes and return of the rejected ones. Not only does it save more space, but also streamlines the operation and enables user to immediately follow up and verify the authenticity of the rejected banknotes.

  • Operation Buttons

The DORS 200 M1 comes with a set of buttons, making it easier for user to work with the detector.

    • On/Off button to switch the detector ON/OFF
    • Reset button to reset the result of banknote detection and exit the menu
    • Select button to select menu items
    • Value button to display the value of the detected banknotes
    • Total button to display the total value of the detected banknotes
  • Hi-Tech Sensors

Despite its simple design and easy-to-use buttons, the DORS 200 M1 is supported with high-tech sensors that ensure the accuracy of detection.

    • Magnetic sensor to read magnetic map across the banknote
    • Infrared sensor to match the optical image of face and reverse side of the banknote, optical paper density, and IR-marks map
    • Optical sensor to verify paper quality, density, and IR-marks
    • Size control sensor to check dimension of the banknotes
    • Spectrum analysis to analyse the parameter of inks
  • Multifunctional Graphical LCD Display

The DORS 200 M1LCD Display is multifunctional. In addition to the value and total value of the detected banknote, the display also shows other information as following:

    • Detailed report by denominations
    • The current menu mode: direction, sound, show-error, screen, backlight, language, PC-link, print, and sleep
    • Diagnostic error message together with the brief description either on the banknotes check errors or self-check errors
  • Language Selection

By default, all information presented on the DORS 200 M1 LCD display is in English. However, user can select another language, Russian, as alternative to this default language.

  • Sound Alarm

To anticipate any potential that user might not aware of the error message displayed on the LCD screen, the DORS 200 M1 is equipped with a sound alarm system.

  • Report Printer

The DORS 200 M1 can be connected to a printer to print a report on detected banknotes, providing physical proof and reference for evaluation.

  • PC Link

The DORS 200 M1 is also applicable in integration with other applications. When connected to a PC, it allows for data saving and system upgrade.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 197 x 119 x 80 mm3
Banknote denomination All USD banknotes issued since 1988
Banknote positioning lengthwise, face-up, black-seal forward
Processing Speed 75 notes/min
Weight (Net/Gross) 0.65kg/1.2kg
Power Supply 110-120V +/- 10%, 50-60Hz


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