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AIR STAPLER 10-38MM SKS-M *300052N


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Name AIR STAPLER 10-38MM SKS-M *300052N
SKU FS0000042
Type Nail Gun
Manufacturing Number 300052N
  • Powerful, well-balanced nailer combines maneuverability with fastcycling time for making job efficiently.
  • Used for :Roofing,Shingles,Subfloor Fencing,Sheathing, Decking,Packaging,Palletand crate manufacturing,Exterior trim.
  • Ease of Use : The coil gun is a small, compact tool. This makes iteasy to work with. It also assists in portability. When you have to work in confined spaces, the small size of the tool makes it easier tooperate. It eliminates much of the effort and strain associated with ahammer.
  • High Performance: The roofing nailer is a pneumatic toolfuelled by compressed air. This gives it a high power output. It allowsyou to drive in fasteners into shingles much faster than using ahammer.
  • Versatile : Most roofing nailers have a depth-of-drive dial feature which allows you to select the desired depth for the job.
  • High Holding Capacity : The coil gun has a higher holding capacity forfasteners than most tools. The magazine can accommodate up to 300 coilnails. Once fully loaded, you won’t have to reload frequently. It alsoenables you to complete work faster.
  • Durable: The roofing nailer is a dependable tool for roofing work. It has minimal maintenancerequirements, which adds to its durability.
  • Length: 10-38mm
  • Weight : 11.54lbs (5.24kg)
  • Hose fitting1/4 NPT
Length 10-38 MM
Diameter None
Unit Dimensions (L X W X H) 338 X 153 X 418 MM
Netto Weight 0.00 KG
Shipping Package 1
Sales Uom EA
Shipping Method Air
Lead Time If Stock Not Available (Days) 11
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