Jual Flow meter OVAL / Oil flowmeter OVAL Flowpet-EG

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FLOWPET-EG is an OVAL flowmeter primarily intended
for use in boiler feed water and fuel oil metering
Field proven accuracy and long life along with the best
price/performance and ease of use make this industrial
meter ideal as a dedicated tool for heat control.
1. Available in two product families – for water service and
fuel oil service.
2. Newly designed electronic register shows total flow and
instantaneous flow on a digital LCD at the touch of
mode select switch. Meter face can be oriented to any
angle upward or downward over 180 degrees.
3. The electronic register equipped models have an internal
battery (good for 8 years); eliminates the need for an
external power source. (Operation on external power
source is recommended for the pulse output models.)
4. Display capabilities improved over the previously offered
NX register. (LCD characters 10mm high now over the
former 7mm high. Units in which the register reads also
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