Jual ISHIDA WP SCALE 15KG/5G IPC-WP-15 900-2011-01

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WATER PROOF SCALE 15KG/5G IPC-WP-15 adalah timbagan digital yang digunakan untuk mengukur berat benda kerja dengan tingkat kepresisian yang tinggi. Alat ini didesain untuk mengukur berat dengan ukuran yang relatif kecil sehingga diperoleh massa benda kerja yangtepat dan akurat. Kelebihan lain dari alat ini adalah tahan terhadap tumpahan air dari benda kerja sehingga awet dan tidak mudah rusak. Timbangan digital Ishida ini mempunyai dimensi 260 X 320 X 130 MM dengan kapasitas 15 Kg sehingga sangat efektif dan praktis digunakan untuk pengukuran massa benda secara cepat. Timbangan digital Ishida sering digunakan di industri, pabrik, bengkel .


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Name WP SCALE 15KG/5G IPC-WP-15 900-2011-01
SKU II0000013
Type Tabletop Scale
Manufacturing Number IPC-WP-15
  • Durable Construction Equals Quality PerformanceMeeting the demands of an IP-65 rating, Ishida’s IPC-WP is protectedfrom dust and low pressure water.

  • The stainless steel platter is designed for ease, removal and frequent washing for food and chemical applications.

  • The IPC-WP’s sleek design is coupled with accuracy and user friendly operation.

  • On the Go Convenience Today’s fast-moving business climate demands portable solutions.

  • Quite simply your tools need to be where you are.

  • That’s precisely why we created the IPC-WP with both battery power and anAC adapter.

  • When required, the IPC-WP is easyto move and instantly set up at remote locations such as farmers markets and roadside stands.

  • Two D-cell batteriesallow efficient, extended operation-as long as 500 hours, and an annunciator lets you know when to change them.

  • The IPC-WP’s selectable Auto Power Off function saves power and ensures longbattery life.

  • Large Display & Accessible Buttons

  • The large 25 MM LCD panel provides instant weight identification and the optional dual display is ideal for retail applications.

  • Compact & Versatile

  • DualPower Operation

  • Large Display Panel

  • Type : Tabletop Scale
  • Resolution : 0.005 Kg
  • Platform Size : 229 x 196 MM
  • Display : LCD With Backlit
  • Capacity : 15 Kg
  • Battery : 2 Dry Cell D-Type
  • Accuracy : +/- 1/3000 Kg
  • Model :IPC-WP-15
  • Platter size : 229 x 196 MM
  • Capacity/Minimum graduation Multi Interval : 15 Kg/5 Gr (0 to 7.5 Kg),10 Gr(7.5 to 15 Kg)
  • Weighing method : Strain guage load cell
  • LCD panel : Six digits (7-segment), character height 25 MM
  • Display information : 6-digit weight, battery enunciator, decimal point, net weight enunciator, stability enunciator, minus sign, and unit of measurement
  • Power : 2 Dry Cell D-Type batteries (up to 500 hours) or AC Adaptor (Dry Cell batteries and/or AC adaptor are not included) Auto Power Off function (can be set to 60 min., 20 min., or off)
  • Operational temperature : -5 Deg.C to 40 Deg.C
  • Weight : 3.2 Kg (excluding batteries)
  • Approvals : OIML, CE comformity forapproval type
  • Option : AC adapter
Display LCD
Platform Size 229 x 196 MM
Accuracy +/- 1/3000 Kg
Battery 2 Dry Cell D-Type
Capacity 15 KG
Resolution 0.005 Kg
Unit Dimensions (L X W X H) 260 X 320 X 130 MM
Netto Weight 3.20 KG
Shipping Package 1
Sales Uom EA
Shipping Method Air
Lead Time If Stock Not Available (Days) 70
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