Jual PTZ-BOX FCD EXT AMR electronic volume converter Vemmtec (Germany)

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The PTZ-BOX FCD EXT AMR converter is an expanded electronic volume converter for gas volume meters.

3 different designs of this PTZ-BOX are available:

  • PTZ-BOX FCD AMR: with GSM/GPRS modem
  • PTZ-BOX FCD EXT: with expansion unit for a second gas meter and extra inputs
  • PTZ-BOX FCD EXT AMR: with expansion unit and GSM/GPRS modem

Several features:

  • single/double low-frequency or high-frequency pulse input
  • pressure and temperature sensors for 1 or 2 gas meters, pressure sensor installed internally or externally
  • additional pressure or temperature sensors optionally available
  • software (under WindowsTM) for configuration and automatic readout included

The pressure sensors can be delivered for various measuring ranges. Power supply is realised by the built-in batteries for the modem as well. PTZ-BOX FCD (EXT) AMR converter is particularly suitable for daily readout of stored data. The devices are approved for installation in the hazardous area, with specific requirements depending on the model.

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