Jual Water Meter ZENNER Type WPHD Size 2 Inch (DN 50)

Water Meter ZENNER Type WPHD Size 2 Inch (DN 50)

Woltman meter with parallel turbine shaft

Woltman Parallel type meters are always used when high flow rates with a relative constant flow rate profile are to be measured. Through its robust construction they not only are capable of covering a large measuring range, but the measuring accurancy is also long-term stable.
The hydrodynamic optimized turbine is reliably operated already at small flow rates and “ upwards” it has enough power reserves to reliably measure flow rate peaks. Especially strong bearings with low friction guarantee a long life of the meter.
Reed sensors, optical and inductive-NAMUR sensors can always be retrofitted without damaging the calibration seal. Then the meter can be integrated with data communication or automation and control systems in a simple and flexible way.

Performance characteristics in overview :
– Low starting flow, high overload security
– Wide measuring range
– Removable measuring insert
– Low head loss
– Hydraulic bearing relieve for long-term measuring stability
– Retrofittable with active and passive pulsers
– Metal protective cover serially, plastic optional
– Evacuated counter protected from condensation
– Dry dial counter with large number rollers simplifies the readability
– For cold water up to 30° C, with security up to 50° C
– For horizontal, vertical and inclined installation positions
– High pressure model PN25/ 40 upon request

Technical data :
Nominal flow ( Qn) : 15 mŸ / h
Nominal diameter ( DN) : 50 mm
Overall length ( L) : 200 mm
Metrological class : B
Maximum flow ( short-term) ( Qmax) : 90 mŸ / h
Maximum flow ( constant) : 45 mŸ / h
Transitional flow ( Qt) : 1 mŸ / h
Minimum flow ( Qmin) : 0, 35 mŸ / h
Flow rate with 0.1 bar head loss : 30 mŸ / h
Head loss at Qmax : 0, 1 bar
Display range : min : 2 L
max : 9.999.999 mŸ
Maximum temperature : 50° C
Operating pressure


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