Jual Water meter (Flowmeter) B&R / BR Screw(drat) Type MT-EX-D / Water Meter FUZHOU

Download Katalog :

Katalog B&R MTEXD-B

Dry-dial Water Meter

Special Features :

– Max Flowrate Qmax =2Qn(Qn=Nominal flowrate).
– Large measuring range, high flow accuracy.
straight reading.
– Steady curve characteristics.
– Performance is up to standard ISO 4064B.

Meter Design :

– Solid and roboust design, long service guaranteed.
– Selected high quakity materials guarantee absolute
corrosion resistance.
– 2 POle ring magnet polymer coating as protection
against deposits.
– Universal interchangeable measuring insert.
– Meter fitted with strainer on inlet to protect
against dirt, cleaning without breaking the seal
is possible.
– Dia. 15-40mm with whitworth pipe thread.
– Vacuum register.
– Anti-magnet mechanism.
– Outer calibration device.

Working Condition :

– Water Temperature : < 300 C
– Water pressure        : < 1MPa.

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