Jual Krohne IFC 050 Converter

Measuring system
Measuring principle :Faraday’s law of induction
Application range Continuous measurement of current volume flow, flow velocity, conductivity, mass
flow (at constant density), coil temperature of the measuring sensor
Modular construction The measuring system consists of a measuring sensor and a signal converter.
Measuring sensor
OPTIFLUX 1000 DN10…150 / 3/8…6″
OPTIFLUX 2000 DN25…1200 / 1…48″
OPTIFLUX 6000 DN10…150 / 3/8…6″
WATERFLUX 3000 DN25…600 / 1…24″
Signal converter
Compact version (C) IFC 050 C
Remote version (W) IFC 050 W
Outputs Current output (incl. HART®), pulse output, frequency output, status output and/or
limit switch
Note: It’s not possible to use the pulse/frequency output with the status output at
the same time!
Counter 2 internal counters with a max. of 10 counter places (e.g. for counting volume
and/or mass units)
Verification Integrated verification, diagnostic functions: measuring device, empty pipe
detection, stabilisation
Communication interfaces HART®











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