Jual Torishima Pump MHG Horizontal multistage ring section pump


The TORISHIMA MHG is a horizontal multistage ring section pump specifically designed for high pressure services
such as power stations, incineration plants and HRSG in steel and nonferrous mill.
The simplified construction allows easy maintenance and quick overhaul, and no warming through is required for MHG.
Mechanical seals are equipped as standard and, blind stage and interstage tapping can be fitted as option for customized requirement.
The optimum pump design ensures total reliability and highly cost-effective solutions.

Technical Data

Total Head up to 4,200m / 13,800ft
Capacity up to 1,400m³/h / 6,100USgpm
Temperature up to 200°C / 392°F
Pressure up to 42MPa / 6,090psi
Size 50 to 125mm
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