Jual Oval Flowmeter Double Case Construction LB282-152-117/114-000

General Spesifications
Model : LB282-152-117/114-000
Nominal Bore Size : 80mm (3″)
Max. Flow Range : 60 m³/h (Liquids)
Direct coupled register : Direct reading register w/reset counter
Accuracy Adjustor and Mounting Adaptor : Convenient type Ajustor AF3 provided
Construction : Double case construction
Material : Transmision System Type “2” magnetic coupling
Outer Housing : Cast Iron 10 Kgf/cm2
Inner Housing Rotors Bronze ( Satinless Steel)
Bearings Carbon Bearing or Needle Bearings
Accuracy : 0.2%
Operating Temp. Range : 0 – +120ºC
Liquids to be Metered : Water, Petroleums, Chemical liquids
Volume Per Pointer Rev. : 10 L
Min. Reading : 0.1 L
Max. Readout : 9 999 998 L
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