Jual Self Contained Breathing Aparatus (SCBA) ACSi

Scott Health & Safety has provided the highest standards in the design and manufacture of Respiratory Protection Equipment for over 75 years. Developed after considerable research and investment the new Advanced Carrying System, ACS, is set to become the industry standard carrier for SCBA in the marine, industrial and fi re environments. The ACSi is designed specifi cally as a Class 1, SCBA set for use in industrial environments.


At the heart of the ACS set is a simple and reliable two-stage pneumatic system. A fi rst breath activated positive pressure demand valve provides low breathing resistance and excellent dynamic performance – particularly at high fl ow rates. A fi rst stage pressure reducing valve features only two moving parts and accepts cylinders pressures of up to 300 bar without adjustment. A cylinder connector assembly with standard breathing air thread is fi tted, with an easily removed bronze fi lter to protect the pneumatics. The system includes a shoulder mounted pressure indicator with photoluminescent face markings for low-light legibility and a robust stainless steel and polycarbonate case with a protective rubber shroud. A warning whistle has an operating pressure of 55 bar.

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