Jual Inspection Camera Constant type SNAKE08


  • A steam and gas turbines – turbines are checked for foreign object damage, erosion, burning and cracking. Combustion chambers are inspected for cracks, combustion deposits and burning. Turbine section nozzles and blades are checked for cracks and erosion.
  • Heat exchangers – cooling tubes are checked for scale deposits, corrosion, and cracking.
  • Boilers are remotely inspected with long inspection camera.
  • Plumbing industry : check for drain, blockage, dampness, etc.
  • Building inspection : dampness inspection, roof, cavity, etc.
  • Aircraft inspection : visual inspection of critical parts.
  • Automotive application.
  • Fuel system : checking fuel injector nozzles.
  • Hydraulic system : inspect valves, manifolds, cylinders and sleeves.
  • Quality control : inspect interior cavities and cross holes of burrs and surface finish


Camera output diameter
Goose neck length
Goose neck O D
Image Sensor
1/6″ VGA Color CMOS Sensor
Video Format
Resolution 640x480pixels
S/N ratio 52dB
Depth of Filed(DoF) 5cm to infinite
Field of View (FoW) 62° f2.8/2.42mm
Light source 4 LED
Working temperature -2 ~ 55°C
Battery 4 dry battery
Accessories Goose neck, instruction manual, warranty card, certificate of product conformance, hard case
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