Jual water meter ITRON type UnimagTM (water Flowmeter)

Unimag Hot Water

Unimag cold Water

Residential Single-Jet Water Meter for cold
and warm water

Unimag is a versatile turbine extra-dry
water meter for residential application in
sizes 15 and 20 mm for cold and warm
The Technology
The meter combines the turbine single-jet
technology with the proven reliability of the
extra-dry register. No parts of the register
are in contact with the water flow thanks
to the high performance magnetic

Metrological Performance
The meter exceeds the EEC Class B
approval requirements when installed
within an angle of ± 30° from the
horizontal position, offering class A
performances in all other positions.
Extensively proven Unimag hydraulics have
been already used in more than 10 millions
of meters installed in more than 25

Easy reading
> 360° possible rotation of the register for
comfortable reading in any position
> 8 numbered rollers with high contrast for easy
and error-free reading up to 99.999,999 m3.
> Register with hermetically sealed enclosure in
order to keep all inside parts perfectly clean and
protected throughout the entire lifetime of the
Compliance with Standards
> Metrology
Approved according EEC Directives 75/33 and
79/830, ISO 4064 and OIML IR 49 provisions.
> Materials
Highly engineered and certified (ACS, KTW,…)
materials specific for contact with potable water.
> Manufacturing
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001: 2004

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Main features
> Enhanced design and technologies to combine
high performance with longterm reliability
> Frictionless high-end technical materials for the
hydraulics and register pivot
> Robustly designed, pressurized parts able to
pass the strongest resistance tests (PN 16) in
both static and dynamic conditions
> Shock-resistant material for register and meter
> Automated assembly and monitoring process to
ensure constant high quality level over the
whole production
> 100% manufactured in the EEC in strict
compliance with most severe quality and
environmental standards.


> World-Class Single-Jet Meter,
– Cold or Warm Water
– Compact and Easy to Install
– EEC Class BH-A

Metrological Characteristics

Nominal diameter (DN) mm 15 20
inches 1/2’’ 3/4’’
E.E.C. metrology class B horizontal – A all other positions
E.E.C. approval D 99 6.131.10 (cold water) – D 99 6.331.97 (warm water)
Maximum admissible temperature °C 30° (90° for warm water)
Starting flow rate L/h 8.5 12
Minimu flow rate Qmin L/h 30 50
Transitional flow rate Qt L/h 120 200
Nominal flow rate Qn L/h 1500 2500
Maximum flow rate Qmax L/h 3000 5000
Loss head at Qmax bar 0.70 0.65
Maximum admissible pressure bar 16
Testing pressure bar 25
Indication range m3 99999.999
Minimum scale interval L 0.05



Sizes mm 15 20
Meter Threads G 3/4’’ G 1’’
A mm 80 – 110 130
B mm 72 72
C mm 13 17
H mm 77 82
H’ mm 134 139



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