Jual Water meter (Flowmeter) B&R / BR / FOZHOU type Flange LXLG-50-200

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Mfg.: Fuzou (BR) Special Feature :
– Wod-wheel counter mechanism for direct reading
LXLG-50-200 – Large measuring range, high flow accuracy
– High continuous flow capacity, lower head loss
– Perfomance is up to standards ISO 40625
Meter Design
– Solid and robust design, long service quaranteed
– Selected high quality materials quarantee absolute
   corrosion resistance
– Universal interchangeable measuring insert
– Outer calibration device
Working condition
– Water Temperature For Cold Water ≤30ºC
– Water Pressure ≤ 1 Mpa
Meter Size
DN : 50 mm ( 2″)
Nominal Flow Rate : 40 m³/h
Minimum Flow Rate : 1.2 m³/h
Minimum Reading : 0.01 m³
Maximum Reading : 999999,99
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