Jual Pompa/Pump yamaha model YP10C

Water Pump YP10C

Connection Dia : 1inch
Connection Thread : Outer Pipe Thread
Total Head : 32m
Max. Delivery Volume : 110L/min
Max. Suction Head : 8m
Type : 2-stroke, Forced air cooled
Displacement : 26cc
Rated Output : 0.70kW (0.93PS) / 7,500rpm
Fuel : 2 Stroke Mixed Gas and Oil (50:1)
Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.6L
Operating Time : 0.8h
Starting Method : Recoil Starter
Dry Weight : 5.5kg
LxWxH (mm) : 336 x 237 x 313
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Light and compact, guaranteed quality, brand new YP10C water pump is suitable for use in wide range from home garden and professional agricultural field.

Light and Compact
Aluminum die-casting pump housing and 2 stroke engine keep its weight and size small to achieve excellent portability.

Excellent Pumping Capability
Despite its size, YP10C has good pumping capability that is suitable for home gardening, watering vegetables, washing agricultural machinery, cleaning animal housing and more.

Standard Accessories
Standard Accessories

Performance Curve
Performance Curve

Pumping Capacity(L/min)

Pumping Capacity(L/min)


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