Jual Digital Flow Meter Control Display Water Oil Sensor ZJ-LCD-M

Spesifikasi :

  1. Operating voltage range : DC24V 8V / 1A
  2. Solenoid operating voltage : DC12V / 0.3A-0.5A (normally closed solenoid valve)
  3. Flow probe voltage : DC5V (flow probe input signal 1-400Hz, square wave)
  4. Quantitative range : 0.1-9999 liters, K value can be placed in the instrument constant maximum 1-9999 liters / minute
  5. Suitable for: Suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water and other small and medium gas industry
  6. Quantitative flow of the liquid (bulk) management control.

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The use of advanced single-chip computer technology
DC24V 8V wide range of external power supply,
New flow measurement and control instrumentation LCD dynamic display.
Ultra-thin design, generous, beautiful. With small size, light weight,
Display, intuitive readings, clear, obvious advantages of higher reliability,
And pulse output flow sensor and solenoid valve supporting the composition of the flow control system.