Jual High Accuracy pH Meter ATC 2-in-1 pH & Temperature Meter

Spesification : 

  1. Model : pH-6118 / pH-6118L (Optional)
  2. Material : Tools-1757761

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    Telp. (021) 62200523,62303292,62317837
    Hp. 0821 2222 9931

Dual Functions: for rapid measuring the pH value and temperature of the tested liquid.pH Value Measuring: 0.00~14.00pH measurement range, 0.01pH resolution, and ±0.1pH accuracy.Temperature Measuring: 0~50℃ (32~122℉) measurement range, 0.1℃ (0.2℉) resolution, and ±1.0℃ accuracy, ℃/℉ temperature unit switchable.Reliable Quality: high sensitivity waterproof probe smart chip for fastly and accurately measurement, and 1.2-inch clearly LCD screen with blue backlight dual display the pH value and temperature.Portable Compact Design: mini pen type pH meter, just powered by 4pcs LR44 button cell batteries, long term standby, and a sturdy storage case is included, conveniently for carrying around and real-time measurement anytime anywhere.Wide Applications: can be used in the aquaculture, fish pond, fish tank, other industrial and agricultural production and scientific research that need to test the pH value and water quality.Operation:1.Remove the protective cap.2.Clean the electrode with distilled water, and dry up the water attached to the electrode with filter paper.3.Switch on pH meter.4.Insert the instrument into the test solution, with the measuring electrode immersed in.5.Stir gently to get stable numerical result displayed on the screen. The numerical value below the screen is the temperature of solution.6.Clean the electrode after using, then turn off the switch, and put on protective cap.