Jual Partable Magnetic Drilling Machine Type WS-4500M Manual Feed

Spesification :

Voltage (Single Phase) 100-120V AC
50/60 Hz
220-240V AC
50/60 Hz
Motor Rated Power Consumption 1,850W
Motor Rated Ampere 15A 7.5A
No-load Speed 650-720 rpm
Tool Adaptor Inner Diameter 19.05 mm
Adjustable in height for max. stroke 100 mm
Coolant Supply via Tool Holder
Magnet Power Consumption 38W
Magnet Adhesion 15,680N / 1,600kgf
Magnet Dimensions 188 x 86 x 56 mm
Weight/Berat 15 kg

Hubungi Kami :
Telp. (021) 62200523



  1. Serves as two modes of cutter that allows loading in a one touch shank or Weldon shank.
  2. Serves as two types of drilling that allows loading in an annular cutter or change drill duck with adaptor for loading twist drill.
  3. Arbor support bracket help to align the cutter precisely, which increases cutter and motor life. This design for increase main shaft stability that avoids motor and main shaft vibration.
  4. Roller bearing design for reduce abrasion. The cutter no need replace frequently, therefore may reduce the expense of replacement, and simultaneously largely lengthens the cutter life.
  5. Designed with double coil magnetic base, the front coil will start while electricity is entering. It can adjust the central point on work sheet, and simultaneously when one coil burning that still keep another coil to hold work sheet to avoid immediately danger. It is high safety consideration.
  6. Switch PC board design may put electric current in order and constant the voltage. The stability better than manual type switchboard.
  7. Light weight, only 15kg.
  8. Standard Accessories
    1. Pilot Pin 8 x 91 mm
    2. Double Open End Wrench
    3. Hex. Key Wrench 2.5mm,4mm and 6mm
    4. Operating Handle (3 pcs)
    5. Lifting Handle
    6. Fuse Block
    7. Carbon Brush
    8. Fixed screw
    9. Operation Manual
  9. Optional Accessories
    1. Annular Cutter (one touch or weldon shank)
    18mm-45mm (for 35mm or 50mm thickness)
    2. Adaptor arbour of drill chuck
    3. Drill Chuck
    4. Twist Drill (Max. 13 mm)
    5. Special Adaptor & Twist Drill 6-12mm
    6. X-1 Cutting Oil : 2L / per can .