Jual Water Flow Control LCD Display ZJ-LCD-M Meter Tester with Flow Sensor

Spesifikasi :

  1. Operating voltage range : DC24V 8V / 1A
  2. Flow probe voltage          : DC5V (flow probe input signal 1-400Hz, square wave)
  3. Quantitative range          : 0.1-9999 liters, K value can be placed in the instrument constant maximum 1-9999 liters / minute
  4. Suitable for                       : Suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water and other small and medium gas industry
  5. Quantitative flow of the liquid (bulk) management control.
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Features :

  • The use of advanced single-chip computer technology
  • DC24V 8V wide range of external power supply,
  • New flow measurement and control instrumentation LCD dynamic display.
  • Ultra-thin design, generous, beautiful. With small size, light weight,
  • Display, intuitive readings, clear, obvious advantages of higher reliability,
  • And pulse output flow sensor and solenoid valve supporting the composition of the flow control system.