Jual Kyoritsu Multi Function Tester KEW 6016

Spesification :

Range 20/200/2000Ω (Auto-ranging)
 Open circuit
voltage (DC)
5V±20% (*1)
Short circuit
Greater than 200mA
Accuracy ±0.1Ω (0 – 0.19Ω)
±2%rdg+8dgt (0.2 – 2000Ω)
Insulation Resistance
Range 20/200MΩ
20/200/2000MΩ (Auto-ranging)
Open circuit
voltage (DC)
250V+25% -0% 500V+25% -0% 1000V+20% -0%
Rated current 1mA or greater
@ 250kΩ
1mA or greater
@ 500kΩ
1mA or greater
@ 1MΩ
Accuracy ±2%rdg+6dgt
(0 – 19.99MΩ)
(20 – 200MΩ)
±2%rdg+6dgt (0 – 199.9MΩ)
±5%rdg+6dgt (200 – 2000MΩ)


Hubungi Kami :
Telp. (021) 62200523


Features :

  1. Continuity Measurement
    Continuous testing can be carried out by use of the test button lockdown feature. A selectable buzzer gives instantaneous indication of continuity. Null facility eliminates the test lead resistance from the results, the nulled value is retained even if the instrument is switched off. Live circuit warnings are given by a flashing LED, buzzer and indication on the display.
  2. Insulation Measurement
    Three selectable test voltages 250V, 500V and 1000V. An auto-discharge function ensures that circuits are not hazardous after testing. A red LED gives warning of high voltage output during testing and discharging of the circuit. In case of connecting to a live circuit, a live circuit warning is given by flashing LED, buzzer and indication on the display.
  3. Loop Impedance Measurement
    A patented (ATT) low current loop impedance test enables high accuracy loop measurements and quick testing without tripping RCD’s.A high current alternative is selectable for even higher accuracy and instantaneous results. The subsequent test will default to the low current test, this saves any inadvertent tripping of the RCD. The KEW 6016 allows also for phase to phase loop tests.