Jual Sanfix Hot Wire Anemometer GT8907

Jual Sanfix Hot Wire Anemometer GT8907

Spesifikasi :

  1. Air velocity range : 0∼30m/s;0∼5850ft/min;0∼55knits;0∼90Km/hr;0∼65Mph
  2. Wind flow range : CMM: 0-999900m³/min.CFM: 0-999900 ft³/min
  3. Wind temperature range: -10°C∼+45°C(14°F∼113°F)
  4. Operation Conditions   : Host: 0-50°C(32°F-122°F),≤80%RH,Sensor:0-60°C(32°F-140°F),≤80%RH)
  5. Store temperature        : -10∼50°C (14∼122°F), ≤80%RH
  6. Dimension : Meter      : 73x38x194mm,Probe: 30.5×30.5x305mm.30.5×30.5x1000mm(Elongated)
  7. Power Supply               : 3.7V lithinum battery.

    Hubungi Kami :
    PT.Harapan Utama Indonesia
    Telp.(021) 62200523



  • Measure Current wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Measurement of current air volume, temperature and humidity
  • Measure wind speed/Max wind flow/min wind flow
  • 2/3 wind flowvalue/average value
  • Wind speed/flow units  temperature units seletcion
  • measure wind direction angle
  • Real time measurement when connecting USB with computer softwere
  • LCD backlight display
  • Data holding, storing and deleting function
  • Low battery indication♦ KEYS
  • Confirm (ENTER),3/2VMAX wind flow
  • Data holding (HOLD)
  • Switch between wind wind velocity and wind flow
  • short press unit switch (UNIT) and long press to open or close keytone.