Spesification :
Environmental Rating
Safety: Designed to meet Class I, Division 2
Materials of Construction
Class 1
Body: Aluminum
Solenoid: Brass
Class 2
Body: Anodized Aluminum
Solenoid: Stainless Steel
Class 1 Refined Fuels
Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel fuel, and Fuel Oil
Class 2 Aviation
Av-Gas and Jet Fuel
Pressure Rating
Maximum non-shock working pressure
150PSI (10.3BAR)
Maximum differential pressure
100PSI (6.9BAR)
Temperature Rating
-40° to 160°F (-40° to 71°C)
Solenoid (S3)
Voltage: +12 (± 2)VDC
Optional: +24 (± 4)VDC
Current: 1A maximum
Optical Sensor
Voltage: +10 to +28VDC
Current: 0.5A maximum
Download Katalog : MS300-20_(Optical Air Eliminator.pdf
Flow Meter LC Digital Type M-10 with electronic registration  for refined fuels
The Liquid Controls Optical Air Eliminator is designed for use with LectroCount® Electronic Registers.
It provides for the efficient elimination of air and vapor with virtually no moving parts and without the
need for floats, guide rods, reed strips, and valve plates. An optical sensor, installed in the wall of the
air eliminator, is used to monitor the liquid level. The presence or absence of liquid at the sensor level
activates or deactivates a solenoid located at the top of the air eliminator. The Optical Air Eliminator
requires the use of a solenoid operated valve such as the E-7 or A2848-11 supplied by Liquid Controls.
The solenoid operated, air-release valve, located at the top of the air eliminator, is either open or
closed. When the liquid level is below the optical sensor, the solenoid opens and vents air and vapor
to atmospheric pressure. Simultaneously, the electronic control valve (E-7 or A2848-11) at the meter
outlet closes.